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Someone on twich is live streaming if you wanted to know.
C-could you link it?
just go to twich and search rugby league live 3 and it will come up as ITS OUT!!! rugby league live 3
Just give us a link you gimp
can i am on mobile app for twich
JDobz will be live streaming it tonight, he posted this in the RLL3 Hub

"GLAustralia will be live streaming TONIGHT at 6.30pm AEST!
Search GLAustralia on YouTube!" here you go

So they move it to tonight instead of tomorrow like it says

it is not the best stream i can't watch probably but what ever
I did some very humbling fumble-filled footy on twitch about an hour ago. Will do more later on. Some great questions from the oddoneout, BRAB and some awesome laughing at me by axe!!!
Thanks so much for the stream CA, really worth watching

At work tonight so I won't be able to watch it again, but appreciate your efforts for the community

From what I've seen it looks like BigAnt have done it again.