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Full Version: Could be Worse...
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I think someone just lost their kicking license. :p
Watched without audio, was that right at the end of the game?

Was it the deciding try?
Yeah, they were winning the game... Opposition kick the ball on the siren and he decides to kick it into touch.

Ended up losing the game due to the conversion.
I don't understand why the team that desperately need a try kick the ball deep when players are deep.

Luckily it worked for them due to a huge mistake but if I was the coach I'd be pissed that my players thought it would be a good idea to kick down field when we're in need of 6 to win the game.
All part of his cunning plan... clearly he knew the Bulldogs player didn't want to get tackled and couldn't kick for the life of him. Smile
Would've been a hefty kick to kick it where he wanted to running at that angle. gee wizz
Yeah would have made more sense to kick it to the closer side line.

I just love the reaction of the crowd in the corner, especially the two that come running up the steps to see what the hell is going on. Smile