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Full Version: Game Length V Score Impact
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For those that have played the game im interested to hear your thoughts on the ideal game length.

I watched a couple of videos that seemed to be done quickly and the scores/stats looked ok.

I also went to the end of the 30 minutes video showing Storm V Big Ant Black and noticed a very long match ended 28-10 or similar which surprised me as long game usually ended up 48-36 in previous sports games.

Anyone got any input in regards to this or how players tire are a result of longer games.
The 30 min match was good, considering the first few tries were pretty much given away, it is great. Really if you play a good game, the score will be pretty low; doesn't mean you can't put 40 or 50 points on someone though.
Ideal time last game was 20 minutes (10 minutes each half)
I wonder what the AI generated scores are driven by....

Game length of human matches, table positions, form?

Not to mention do teams suffer when Origin players are out or if Key players get injured for the season.
Are we sure it was a 30 minute match? Because there were multiple stoppages in interchanges, paused in menu, half time was paused for a bit.
I used to get realistic scores playing 30 minute halves, and playing conservative. It matters a lot how you play. If you look at most of the videos posted it does not look like a typical Rugby League game. It's more like a highlight reel,(because of shorter games) and if you chose to play that way it is ok, it's not wrong, just your choice. I like to take my time and have many hit ups, and pick my moments when I go for the high light reel. You need more time on the play clock, so that you can stick to the game plan, otherwise they score one try on you and you get desperate throwing the ball around with high risk passes. There should be a sim mode that when you start hot potatoing there is more chance of knocking on or ball going to ground. That would minimize so many successful wild passes, that's where sliders come in to play you could lower everyone's passing ability so that the game would play more sim like.
You could play the game how you like to play.
It really matters a lot how you play, if you commit to much on defense there is a chance you will get burned easier and the ai or another person will put more points on you. To play a more sim like experience you have put more time on the clock and play more conservative.

Note I have not played the game maybe it plays like this on higher difficulties.

Cheers and Salud
You never get the same game so match length isnt important for the score, my highest score online in ranked on Rll2 was 60-10 using Dewsbury vs Keighley and thats in 10 mins, without exploiting short kick offs , grubbers etc. I've had low and high scoring games online and did 20 mins on legend in career that usually ended (40-60)-(0-20)
Kinda pointless debating this before the game comes out as the people who got to test it were playing on amature and was their 1st time playing so it could be easier /harder to score and/ot when player become more experienced and play on a harder difficultly
15mins or 7.5min halves would have been ideal.
It sort of looks like the game will be fun enough and better to play 20 min games on rll3 looking at the footage. Looks way more engaging
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