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Full Version: Best British Imports into the NRL
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Who are the most talented players who've had the biggest impact on the NRL who are from Britain? I'm curious, because I don't hear much about how the likes of Gareth Ellis, Josh Hodgson, Lee Mossop did during their time in Australia.

Also, which English player would you like to see test themselves in the NRL? I'd like to see how these British players would perform in the NRL:

- Zak Hardaker
- Michael McIlorum
- Ben Flower
- Kallum Watkins
- John Bateman
- Andre Savelio
- Alex Walmsley

These are a few players I believe would do well in the NRL. Northern Hemisphere forwards are definatly some of the best in the world, it's just a shame we don't produce the backs to make England a more powerful team.
I'd say the best players to get into the NRL are Morley, Graham and Burgess (Sam). All of them are big enforcers who just put players on their ass.

Ellis was good and Hodgson has impressed me over at the Raiders as well. Looks dangerous with the ball and runs well. Mike Cooper is a decent first grader as well.
Did Widdop come from super league, because he's been really good this year.
He was born and risen in the UK but was scouted by an NRL team after he moved to Australia when he was 15.

Some fantastic talent being produced in the Super League at the minute, some NRL clubs should get scouting before they get snapped up on long term contracts!

Sam Burgess and Adrian Morley are easily two of the greatest pommies to play in the NRL. Adrian will retire this year at the age of 38. He's been playing professional rugby longer than I've been alive! Would of loved to see him retire with a trophy, he deserves it.

Sam Burgess is definitely the greatest forward of the modern era. Would love to see him come to Wigan; might be possible, he's a Wigan fan from a couple of rumours I've heard and he has a lot of friends at Wigan.
When you said Morley had been playing longer than you'd been alive I was going to make a joke about you being 15-16 figuring Morley debuted in 2000 or something.

Dude has been playing since 1995! 464 professional matches not including 51 matches for England/Great Britain. Would have loved to see him play until 40 and get 500 league matches but his body must be a mess after 20 years of playing prop professionally.
He is still a force to be reckoned with on the pitch. Even Pop-eye would be envious of his arms! He'd make a brilliant coach, would of loved to see him spend some time at Wigan as a player, but even more so now as a coach; he could help our forwards so much with his knowledge.
It's a shame he hasn't played on. I imagine he'd be quite the bench player for a number of teams in Super League.
Chris Hill would do well.
Ellery hanley dave Bolton martin offiah Henderson gill kevin ward Malcolm reilly just to name a few
malcolm reilly would have burgess for breakfast as would phil lowe another great pommie import

the players you mentioned were ok ie mossop hodgo not groundbreaking average in my opinion burgess morely were fantastic up there both standouts but pioneers like Bolton bishop reilly phil lowe played for keeps were hard men stood up to aussie onslaughts and gave back much more iam an aussie but loved watching them play and Ellery was magic and big kevin ward spearheaded eagles comp win in 87 .
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