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Full Version: NFL - Jarryd Hayne
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No matter what happens from here, he can say he lived the dream. Big Grin

Congrats to Hayne for making it. Big Grin
Impressive debut. First NFL game i watched and can't wait for the next. Might go and buy madden lol
NFL is an excellent sport to watch SHITS on AFL in my opinion and I'm an aussie who grew up on AFL
I think he would have made it if he didn't get clipped. News had more highlights... he looked pretty good after his first few carries.

Oakland picked up a win.... so only one more to go before they've met their yearly quota. Smile
He's done well. Offensive line did a great job for him and there was a huge missed tackle but the key is he only had to make two yards and he went BANG!

We helped get a few Aussies get over there as kickers when I worked for the NFL in the 90's but we couldn't get anyone a gig in an offensive role that performed at NFL standard - I really hope he makes it.
He took the Defence on when other punt returners would've called a fair catch, and to return the ball from deep in the end zone back over the 20 yard line is pretty impressive. Again any other returner would've took a knee for the free 20 yards.

The 50 yard run didn't impress me much as he got some good blocks, but the way he transferred the ball from hand to hand so he could stiff arm effectively is what impressed me.
He will need to learn the balance between risk and return. During the regular season those risks cannot be taken as lightly - the regular suicide squads in play are of a much higher competency - that said, he saw opportunity and took it.
I am an NFL fan I watch most the games and always catch on the news as a parramatta supporter and Jarryd Hayne was and still is my favourite player. I have to admit that even I had my doubts about how he ran I knew he had all the skill and abilit but he ran to high but still thought he was going to make it. I soon found out that the skills he got from league helped him more than disadvantaged him he will make it and he will be a first team player as a kick and punt returner.
Watching the video a bit more he has to change his running style when he gets to the "real" deal, he's way too upright for NFL - they'll kill him - let's hope he can adapt in time as the opposition scouts will pick this up.
(08-16-2015, 08:31 PM)sid333 Wrote: [ -> ]NFL is an excellent sport to watch SHITS on AFL in my opinion and I'm an aussie who grew up on AFL

I like the NFL, I just wish it was quicker. They have 30-45 seconds between plays so for an entire drive you're looking at 5-6 minutes and I imagine that'd be relatively quick.

Lots of time off as well. can't sit there for that long. Love watching the highlights though.
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