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Full Version: General NRL interest TV deal fyi
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NRL to be free to air, 4 days a week from 2018

no details on fox yet
meh, 3 yrs till 2018. That's a long wait. Jesus will be back by then and hopefully RLL3 will be out by then aswell.
As a free to air guy I like this. Channel Nine do a good job of it all and with 4 games you'd get a total of 4 games and 3 talk shows (2 if you don't count the Roast)

With this new information I think this should be Ray Warrens last year. I understand he's an old guy who was very sick a few years ago so I won't bag him but with 4 games you probably want an announcer who will announce all four and be the "voice of the channel". Ray Warren is a legend but isn't that guy anymore. He does the Friday game and sometimes the Sunday game if he feels like it and if there is an Origin match or something like that he'll always miss the Sunday game.
Where did you guys read about the draw and Origin? I didn't see that in the article posted above.
Vossy come back. You can blame it all on me.
If I was the head of a TV Station and had the rights to the NRL Voss would be the voice of the NRL on my network. Incredibly underrated.
they need to scrap Thursday nights, unless they enjoy broadcasting empty stadiums. the money was always going to be huge no matter what. I just wish they get back to Saturday arvo games, instead of thursday or Monday fixtures. sunday origin is clearly a test to see if origin can be done standalone on weekend - I reckon they should leave it alone, the vacuum of rugby league on that standalone weekend will be felt. people just wanna watch footy.

Vossy will never return whilst Ray Hadley is there.
That is why they are s rapping Monday nights. You get more on Thursdays than Monday's I'd assume. No one likes going out on a Monday.
I disagree - nobody likes going out when they have to work the next day. no family likes going to the footy midweek because the kids need to be in bed for school

the NRL just don't get it. they are playing Thursday nights for the rest of this season. unless the games are in queensland, the attendance will be poor
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