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Full Version: Gamesmen pre play competition
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It might be boredom but here we go. It looks like it has been decided by Tru Blu (Keith) that 32 people have been selected to do a pre play session. I have seen that 2 Big Ant Forum users have been selected good luck Smile . But what do the rest of us do, do we get some footage from the night so we can check out the gameplay or do these 32 people have to stay silent.

Play test will be held at The Gamesmen, 491 Forest Road, Penshurst,NSW 2222 on Thursday the 20th of August at 7:30pm.

*Today on these forums I wont select 32 people, but anyone interested in catching some inside footage of the game reply to this thread. We have just under 12 days to plan an invasion kind of like 'Monday Night Wars'.

*Does anyone know of any recording devices of good quality that we can hide throughout the Gamesmen store to catch some gameplay. Think the store closes at 6pm. so we go in about 5.50 and plant the cameras.

*If that doesn't work we can start a protest outside the Gamesmen store and demand them to let us in. 32 have been selected to play it, can we not be spectators??

*I'm not familiar with The Gamesmen store, but does anyone know if there is a way to see inside the store through a window, from the side or around back, we can zoom in and catch some gameplay.

Be good if we could have threads hidden from the public, or even just for certain members.........oh wait, maybe I should of sent PMS :p

Anyone have any ideas post below. Project 'Ant' Smile
not sure if srs
(08-08-2015, 04:32 PM)SOR Wrote: [ -> ]not sure if srs

Half serious half not
Well, to give a serious answer.

- The Gamesmen people would likely realise something odd going on via the security camera. When they did they'd probably request that you leave and take your recording device with you

- Recording people or places on private property is illegal.

- Good quality recording devices to film that kind of thing and be hidden enough that it's not glaringly obvious would probably set you back a couple thousand dollars.

- A protest (Even if peaceful) on private property would result in mall security attention. if the Penshurst Gamesmen isn't in a mall it would probably result in Police being called.

- Not to be a party pooper but your only legal suggestion is the hope of sneaking a peak but standing outside and staring in a window on the tail end of winter probably isn't a lot of peoples preference on a Thursday night. You also don't know if you'd even be allowed to see it. They'd also probably request you to leave and if you didn't they'd be able to call Police because again, private property.

So if you're really half serious I hope this has changed your mind to "not serious"
Well that takes the fun out of it Smile

Could just hide in the restroom until 7:30 then pop out lol
Until the cleaner finds you at 6 PM.
(08-08-2015, 04:45 PM)SOR Wrote: [ -> ]Until the cleaner finds you at 6 PM.

Good idea SOR I can act as the Cleaner I knew you would find a good idea Smile
Until the real cleaner finds you.
Just gonna throw this out there, we break in at 7:45 (hide in the back of red raven) we take the place by storm, SOR you talk to who's in charge and tell him "I'm the captain now" and reggie, brad and I steal the disc/ whatever the game is on.
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