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Full Version: RLL3 Q & A with Sebastian Giopaolo from Tru Blu Entertainment
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vossy I would really be the best choice
I doubt Hadley will be doing it, the guy is a boring thug accused of domestic violence, intimidation and bullying of colleagues. The game would have to be rated R for him to be calling it. Vossy also has a library of commentary going back something like 12 years, he is employed by the NRL so I doubt they would can him.
I seem to remember it being confirmed or at least strongly rumoured the new commentator was Mike 'Steve-O' Stephenson from Sky Sports. If you guys dislike some of your commentators wait until you hear Steve-O. Although I guess over there you might find him to be funny/quaint. He lives in Australia during the off season so he could have easily done a studio recording over there at that time.

That being said I absolutely tip my hat to BA/TB for trying to give the game a more Super League vibe/authenticity. And they would struggle to have found any decent commentators from over here. Maybe Dave Woods from the BBC?

Thanks for your efforts Jasche, it's always nice to hear from people involved with the RLL franchise whoever they are and how much they reveal.
Is Steve Stephenson the guy that does the World Club Challenge? If so, I like him.
I wouldn't mind Steve-O, yeah it's probably the quaint side helping him out... did he do commentary for the old Super League video game? I remember some commentary along the lines of "digging like demented moles".
Wouldn't mind an English commentator
As long as it's not Greg Alexander then I'll be happy. Can not stand him. I would take Ray Hadley over Brandy any day
Yes SOR SteveO would have done commentary on the World Club Challenge game. Although to be clearer SteveO is the summariser Eddie Hemmings is the main commentator.

And yes Ruck SteveO did the old Super League game along with Eddie from memory. He uses certain expressions over and over which they may have used like 'they will get the rounds of the kitchen at half time' or 'he seems to have a bit of claret (blood) on his face'. He is also obsessed with the 'one pointer'.
I honestly don't really dislike any league commentators.

AFL has some absolutely shocking commentators.

I can see how he could get annoying Dave7, Week in - week out it might get on the nerves. For me over here though, it's just the English Accents and different calling that appeals to me. Just adds to the Super League experience for me.

That said, any English accent would add to my Super League enjoyment.
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