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Full Version: State Of Origin 3 Discussion
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It'd be a brave journalist who'd try to harass the Qld captain while he's surrounded by his team and tens of thousands of rabid Queenslanders.

Was "rabid" redundant in that sentence?
So is Farah actually playing tomorrow? I'm surprised he hasn't been ruled out yet.
There's no way he can play with a broken hand
You know what mate, you're not bad at all. I approve Smile
as far as I remember farah is playing but could be ruled out at the last minute. I think he will play but he will be pushing that injury and hes impact later in the year for the Tigers.
(07-07-2015, 10:43 PM)roostersule2 Wrote: [ -> ]That's not true, I once played with a minor scratch on my arm.

A feat far more dangerous.

Wow. Respect man. I wouldn't dream of doing that
Just read that Farah has been ruled out and that Michael Ennis will take his place tonight.
woah, big shock there Big Grin
Ennis needs to be at least solid all night if we plan on winning. If he has an average game I think we'll lose.

Don't know how well he's been playing at the Sharks but I haven't heard anyone talking about how good he's been. Also the problem with Ennis is that he doesn't really spearhead the attack or anything like that whilst Farah does. NSW desperately needs Farah to get attacking moves going because the other spine players don't really do that (Apart from Hodkinson)

Worried about this. Pearce and/or Dugan need to have a big game tonight.
Ennis absolutely dominated against the Cowboys. 3 try assists for his forwards and was amazing in defence. I think the blues need a grub, they're really missing Greg Bird. Ennis is going to give it to the Maroons all night and I'll be surprised if he doesn't go after Cam Smith.
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