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Full Version: State Of Origin 3 Discussion
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And did you realise that the interviewer never once said the first names of Jesse and Kenny Bromwich, all she said was 'The Bromwich brothers'... But she mentioned the fact that Cameron Smith is the Australian captain at least 5 times. The whole thing was to sell books and I'm happy us here are smart enough to realise that and not buy this shit. Viva la Cameron Smith.
everyone fromm 60mins last night should hang their heads in shame. it was disgraceful. even alex mkinnon. he knew full well how that was going to pan out and tweeted on sunday morning that he has seen the "final edit" and "looked forward" to it being aired.

Cam Smith has nothing and nobody to answer too. this is a witch hunt and I hate Cam Smith as much as every other QLD grub.

anyway, Alex has a new book coming out, I hope it gets the publicity they are trying to drum up, even if its in foul taste.
Also another point, in his book he writes 'The Australian Captain would've heard my screams and surely would've noticed the White terror on my face.' I recall it being said in the interview that Alex was unable to cough, sneeze or even scream?
(07-06-2015, 11:23 AM)TomFord6 Wrote: [ -> ]in the interview that Alex was unable to cough, sneeze or even scream?

I think thats post injury?

I think he means about 16 seconds in.
The replay shows the storm players barely lifted him above the horizontal, borderline at worst.
Smith isn't a doctor and given the boy cried wolf "laying down epidemic" gamemenship which krept into the game, im sure half the knights teams didn't realise how serious it was until a doctor told them.
The good will for McKinnon seems to be drying up on social media. A lot of general news pages that I'm subscribed to have people commenting on how it's wrong to blame Smith and are saying that McKinnon is a whiner who is trying to sell more books. Lots of people angry that he'd even consider suing the NRL after what they've done for him as well whilst a lot are bringing up the Cameron Smith raising money for Alex thing.

Seems it's pretty 50/50 right now. A lot of people are doing the "He's in a wheelchair how can you say such bad things about him?" but a lot of people also recognizing that people in wheelchairs can be wrong and can do bad things also. I'm glad people are calling McKinnon out for his cheap promotional tactics. Will anyone in the media have the balls to do it though?
it just seems like Alex is looking for someone to blame, and there isn't anybody. Sueing the NRL wont get you anywhere when some bloke in QLD died playing the game a few weeks ago. Loads of people have been left paralysed playing rugby league/union regionally in lower competitions. Just because Alex made it to the NRL doesn't give him the right to pursue for damages, just because the NRL has money. Its all in their contracts they sign. Nobody is holding a gun to their heads to play the game. They are aware of the dangers and risks and continue to play.
Smith was just doing his job and does it well, anyone remember when Slater kicked Klemmer in the face?

Smith had a good point
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