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Full Version: RLL3 All fans left in the Dark.
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BigAnt I am highly disappointed in your marketing team because we have not had anything but screenshots and a fanhub to look at, with many of us already putting money out for a pre order... we should atleast get a release date or some news of some sort regarding what is happening as of right now.. it's not right to simply leave us fans in the Dark.

This has taken me to take back my pre-order as because of right now we won't know if it'll take 2 years.
SOR.... now someone is taking the delay badly.
We are waiting for approval. Until then, screens is the best we're gonna get. It's really out of Ross's hands until everything for a trailer is approved.
Not sure if complete troll or serious.
Its probably Coca Cola again.
No wonder Big Ant can't produce enough sales to make them highly successful? it's quite a shame and I blame alot of it on their marketing team, they are doing a horrible job of promoting the game and getting it out their to sports fans.... well done. You really think waiting 1 week untill release date then promoting the game is really reaching out to the audience? No. Goodjob Marketing team over at Bigant, lmfao.
I'm pretty sure Tru blu market....
if only big ant were in charge of marketing...
Thank you, come again.
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