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Full Version: State Of Origin 2 Discussion
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With the teams being announced today I figured I'd make this thread for everything to be discussed.

NSW's side has been named and looks like this:

1. Josh Dugan 2. Brett Morris 3. Michael Jennings 4. Josh Morris 5. Will Hopoate 6. Mitchell Pearce 7. Trent Hodkinson 8. Aaron Woods 9. Robbie Farah 10. James Tamou 11. Ryan Hoffman 12. Beau Scott 13. Paul Gallen © 14. Trent Merrin 15. David Klemmer 16. Josh Jackson 17. Boyd Cordner

Queensland to announce their side later. I like the NSW side although I think both Jackson and Cordner should be replaced by some guys who can make a bit of an impact. Luke Lewis played well on Sunday and should be there taking Jacksons place as the utility forward whilst Cordner should probably be replaced by Andrew Fifita who had a poor game 1 but has dominated Origin before.

What does everyone think of NSW's side?
As a QLD'er I think there side looks a lot better than last game, however I don't understand how they can stay loyal to Hodkinson he was even hooked to the bench vs the dragons. Also I agree with you SOR Fifita would be more threatening than Cordner and Jackson I think is fairly overrated
Fifita should definately be in IMO.
Lewis should feel hard done by as well.

Hodkinson was a plodder in SOO1, should have Maloney in there.
Heck Gus Gould even suggested Townsend!
Disagree about Fifita the the only time he fired up was when both teams came together and had a push n shove and by that time it was way too late. Other then that he wasn't coming onto the ball with any steam and was only making a couple of metres each run which wasn't good enough considering how well Tamou and Woods were going before he came in.

Agree about Hodkinson, it's not funny how many points the dogs have scored with him off the field in the past 2 games.
Tyson Frizell instead of jackson, and Moylan as 18th man.
Moylan is injured
(06-09-2015, 12:19 PM)Mav_78 Wrote: [ -> ]Moylan is injured

Completely forgot, he's out for 6 weeks?

Maybe austin as 18th man.
Is Gallen the best choice?

He only played about 25 minutes last weekend, will he be fit enough in time?

Farah not being injured is a huge plus. Not sure if I should have dropped Fifita, not sure if I would have kept hodkinson

I think it'll be much harder for us to win without Cronk in the side, I think that's where we lost last series.

Oh, I forgot, B-Moz is a huge in. I'm much more worried about this game
Do you mean vs. The Roosters? Cause Gallen played 74 minutes didn't he?
Gal played way more than 25 mins
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