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Full Version: State Of Origin 2 Discussion
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Good luck to all the NSW fans tonight. Enjoy your last couple of hours as shield holders. Remember to have Beers, Food & tissues all in close vicinity. GO YOU MIGHTY QUEENSLANDERS
Am I the only one who finds it amusing that NSW are playing up the innocent victims in the grubby play. All I've heard since game 1 is NSW are gunna fight back against Qlds dirty play. It makes me laugh. NSW are just as bad if not worse then QLD when it comes to grubby tactics.
QLD are the grubbiest team.

Slater with his sliding into players after tries, Cameron Smith has kicked a player in the head this year and always grubs it up whilst Hodges is a known grub as is headbutt Myles and third man in Thaiday.

NSW grubs? Gallen and possibly Scott depending on how you see it (I don't see Scott as a grub)
Klemmer I will give you. Forgot about him.

Scott isn't a grub, just plays hard and hits hard but you don't see him deliberately kicking players in the head or trying to start fights. Farah is probably the furthest from being a grub. Good guy just gets his work down and toils away.
SOR your kidding yourself if you seriously think Smith Kicked Luke on purpose. He had a guy laying on top of him and just kicked out like every other player does. And while we're talking about grubs what about when Paul Gallen was ripping the stitches out of Ol mates head a little while back
Gallen is the main aggressor in SOO, he along with J.Reynolds and Bird last year terrorised the Maroons to death, which I reckon was one of the reasons why the Blues finally won back the shield.

In game 1 this year, there was next to no niggle from the Blues which again is a make or break for them.

Also, to be fair on Smiths kicking, he said he didn't realise till he watched the replay. Anyway it was Isaac Luke as if anyone worries about him anyway!
NSW 22-14
I reckon Cam Smith did kick on purpose, but I'm more than okay with it as Luke put a big cheap shot on him diving right into his exposed lower leg, what Luke did was grubbier if you ask me.
Beau Scott has perfected the cheap shot on the playmakers. E.g. The shot he put on Slater in origin last year and also Thurston at the start of this year. Those are no different to the shot the eels kid put on Soward and everyone blow up about that
Mitchell Pearce to shock the world and win the game for NSW. Gallen and Dugan to be given the credit.
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