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Okay, so much like many other members, I’m kinda over seeing around 30-40 posts a day at least about 'Release Date' or 'Will there be 9s in it' to name a few... Over the next few days i thought it would be best for the community of RLL to compile questions i have noticed the most, and using new knowledge respectively handed by Keith in his thread, Ross giving subtle hints and members giving their hypothesis, i will build this as best as possible, to make it easier for me however, it would be greatly appreciated if people could send me PM's about constant Questions that have in fact been answered (even if the answers are pretty terrible) followed by a link.. Just remember, BA and TB are doing their absolute best for us!

Before I start!
HES_Keith (essp. for Wikipedia), Ross and RLLG page is the only official source of information being released.


What is BA? TB? RLLG? What are their roles in this game?
BA - Big Ant; Developers of the game, they make the razzle dazzle, providing us with the goods, somewhat the most important aspect in the project.
TB - Tru Blu; the Publishers... Play testers of the game... They provide us with early aspects of the game when they see fit, they release the trailer, the release date and everything in between, the social guys of the project.
RLLG - Rugby League Live Games; Facebook page made by TB to release information about RLL3 all in the one collection.

What Is RLL3? What happened to 1 & 2?
RLL3 is an acronym for Rugby League Live 3, a game in development made by Tru Blu and Big Ant, there is more information located at (note that the information on here is easily edited, do not use this as a source for Release date.)

When Is the Release date?
(08-14-2015, 10:58 AM)Ross Wrote: [ -> ]The release date I have from Tru Blu is the 10th September 2015.

It is noted RLL3 on console versions and pc steam version are expected to be released simultaneously.

Source -

I've seen a few screenshots here and there, is there anymore released?
Yes, there has been a total of 16 screenshots that have been released by HES_Keith located on the RLL Game Facebook page, you can also find them all together on this forum located here take a look at them, they'll feed your hunger for the game even more Tongue

Will Auckland 9’s be featured in Rugby League Live 3?

When will we get a trailer for RLL3?
Has been released, there are forum topics evident to this.

Do you need a gaming controller to play on PC?
If DBC14 is anything to go by, I assume so… However this information has not been released yet, and is in speculation. HOWEVER; Rugby League mechanics would not require the same as DBC, making Keyboard use a lot easier in some aspects for RLL3, which may make it possible to play the game without a Gaming controller.

Can we select our own Rep Squads rather than having a preset?
This has not been confirmed. Although, the Fan Hub is an opened source for all players to ‘modify’ their squads, players and competitions, this; and adaption of DBC14, may allow us to change our Rep Squads.

Fan Hub? the hell is that??
Fan Hub is an opened source community creation centre that attempts to link up to date and the most realistic versions of players, teams and other things together, so far in the Fan Hub we have seen Referee's section, Make your own player/Team section, the Tactics section (not 100% sure on how this is going) and as said before, the community creation centre.

Player stats and appearances in the FanHub are NOT final right now, TB and BA are focused on making the game before they focus on the players inside of it, one step at a time! Tongue

Is there going to be any feature difference between ‘Current and Next’ Gen Consoles?
Highly unlikely, maybe a few tweaks. Graphics may be significantly improved between PS3/XB360 to PS4/XBONE/Steam versions.

Will I get to play as myself in Be a Pro Mode?

Will I get to play as ANOTHER NRL player in Be a Pro Mode?

What will Be A Pro Mode be like in RLL3? Will it be an adaption from DB14?
Be-A-Pro is very similar mechanically to DBC - HES_Keith ( )

What is the Running and tackling mechanics like in this game?
This information has not been disclosed; it will most likely adapt from RLL2; however it will be a significant improvement.

I'm usually terrible at games at first... will there be a training sim to help me when I first start playing?
Yes. As confirmed by Ross and HES_Keith, drills area has been confirmed. This - like in DBC14 and RLL2 will help you gather necessary skills to be an elite RLL3 player, these will (don't hold me for this because this is mostly speculation) going to include Tackling, Passing, Kicking, Goal/Place Kicking and other aspects that will be helpful in your fundamental needs.

Is the Game 100% complete and ready to be announced?

Who will be the commentators in this game?
This information has not been released.

>Evidently the main Commentator is Andrew 'Vossy' Voss.

Will my name be on the Commentators list?
If you had your name up on the Commentary list before the deadline; Yes.
Quoting HES_Keith;
"Also I can confirm that the commentary has been put in with a ridiculously large number of names being included."
This thread has been moved so that people can reference this thread more easily. If you have something to add PM Jacko as additional posts will be removed to avoid the information being lost in random chat, misinformation and disinformation.
(09-16-2015, 12:54 PM)gunns85 Wrote: [ -> ]Just a quick one, playing career as a coach you don't seem to play the rep games?

is that correct? do you have to earn the coaching job or you just don't play them in career?

stupid if that's the case!

Go read the thread 'rep teams in career mode'. Maybe search through at least the first few pages of threads before bumping an old thread and posting a question that has been answered many times
Hey, quick question that I can not find an answer to. I live in the US and am a huge NRL fan. I have a region free copy of RLL2 and want to know if RLL3 will be available in a region free format?

Sorry, forgot to mention that I'm looking for PS3 version.
You can't get the PS3 version until 24th September 2015, and it is available on the PS Store when it comes out on your console! May have to use British PS Store to get PS3 version today!
I was aware about the release on the 24th but my question was about getting it region free. I did find a store in the UK to buy it from but it says it will be a PAL region game and shows a triangle with a "3" on the cover. As I understand it, I can't play PAL region games in the US. I bought my RLL2 on amazon and it did not reflect a PAL region. Do Australian copies region free or do they reflect a PAL region? Thanks
PS3/PS4 games are all region free as they come on Blu Ray.
(09-17-2015, 08:51 AM)HOBBSTAR Wrote: [ -> ]You can't get the PS3 version until 24th September 2015, and it is available on the PS Store when it comes out on your console! May have to use British PS Store to get PS3 version today!
PS3 version out now on Aussie playstation store.....
Debating whether to buy or wait for it on disc....
(09-17-2015, 03:14 PM)Ross Wrote: [ -> ]PS3/PS4 games are all region free as they come on Blu Ray.

Does this apply to Pal/ntsc or just the region numbers?
Pal/Ntsc is pretty much a non-event now, all TV's handle both. Region numbers are irrelevant for Blu Ray games.
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