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Full Version: What Will You Do First in RLL3?
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I'll probably play a friendly game to get a hang of the controls
Maybe NZ Warriors(my team) V Huddersfield Giants(where I was born) or something like that.
Maybe a couple of friendly games if I have a hard time nailing the controls down.

Once I'm happy to continue on, its straight into Franchise with the NZ Warriors for me
Won't play City/Country, won't play SOO. Will play as Kiwis.
I've always started with a quick match vs the Cowboys as the Broncos. Been tradition since all the way back in Rugby League 1 on PS2. It seems to produce an entertaining first match as I'm always just getting to know the controls.

Will probably then start my Be a Pro and run it simultaneously with a franchise mode.
Whoop my bro's behind. Probably end up being a best of 20 series lol
Best of 20? Lol
Best of 21... there is no such thing as a draw amongst brothers. Smile
(05-25-2015, 08:54 PM)Ruck Wrote: [ -> ]Best of 21... there is no such thing as a draw amongst brothers. Smile

No such thing as a loss either, you just 'let' him win because you're such a good sibling Big Grin

And Ruck you've changed your pic! My whole perception of reality is in question.
One of the things I'll be quick to try and suss is whether you can run from dummy half effectively as this would change my whole career mode team due to the weapon that rob burrow can be from that position.
I drink alcohol as a handicap and only lose to family due to charity. Smile

Dann... if you were at Bruce Stadium the other night... you'd probably change your pic too. What a game!!!
- Scroll through menus
- Update Squads
- Play some Drills
- Casual game with siblings and mates
- Start a Be a Pro
- Start a Franchise mode and rebuild the shambles that is the Newcastle Knights, building a team around guys like Fee new, Mata'utia, Cogger and Lamb
What i will do is play a casual match with roosters against a random team and then i will look at all player stats and correct them if needed. Then i will create a team consisting of my family and then team of my friends and I Smile
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