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Full Version: AMA, I'm HES_Keith
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(06-26-2015, 06:18 PM)HOBBSTAR Wrote: [ -> ]What are the minor changes?

The left trigger on xbox 360 or xbox one allows you to jump 10 feet in the air over the defenders and possibly the fullback.
Any changes to Play Station controls?
(06-26-2015, 06:22 PM)HOBBSTAR Wrote: [ -> ]Any changes to Play Station controls?

Pressing R1 and Circle at the same time allows you to kick the ball into space. If you do this there is a cut scene in which the referee gets into a space ship and retrieves the ball from space.

Cool huh?
Cool, thanks SOR, are you apart of the Big Ant team?
No. Keith has confirmed all of this in this very thread.
Sorry SOR, Thanks for giving out the controller information. I don't exactly like looking through 203 pages of forum to find that though.
You're welcome bro. I understand completely.
What did I just read.....? Haha
Just to share opinion, doing my usual morning read-up before starting work in the UK of the day's events in Australia, I'm currently only up to page 202 but oh how I can't wait to see these new screenshots!

Well done Keith on getting some good hype going Big Grin

Now, back to reading the final few pages where hopefully there's more things to look forward to!
When is Keith releasing those Be a Pro screenshots he was meant to release tonight?