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Full Version: AMA, I'm HES_Keith
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(06-17-2015, 09:14 PM)Yuna Wrote: [ -> ]ahhh true, thank god for FanHub. I'm sure some clever people here will be able to add the "official" jerseys in.

For PC we'll be able to mod it in yes.
Honestly those of you who can edit on the fanhub are some talented people. That dude who does all the classic teams should probably be working in video game design in some form.
Surely XXXX is allowed in the game, it's not like it's a real beer. Smile
Stadium shot looks awesome.

The pictures have improved in Quality with each set.

It's looking much more like next gen now

All we need now is something that shows physics.
I dont think theyll show that so i think well have to wait till its out to find out
*WILD GUESS* There will be close ups of the ball physics in the RLL3 trailer just like there was for the DBC trailer I reckon */WILD GUESS*
The amount of tackles listed poses a question... Is that actual tackles made by individuals added together or is it just total tackles the team has defended?
If you use simple Maths against the completion rates it makes zero sense... Unless we can customize how many tackles are in a set?
(06-17-2015, 10:12 PM)Ruck Wrote: [ -> ]Surely XXXX is allowed in the game, it's not like it's a real beer. Smile

pew pew pew, shots fired lol
That's my point. Makes me think it's the total of tackles made by players. Not tackles defended.