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Full Version: AMA, I'm HES_Keith
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Are you in it Keith? And will I be able to play as you in Be A Pro? And what position will you be playing? Hahaha

I've just made a magnificent discovery. Ross is in RLL2. Along with Andrew Voss and Phil Gould!!!!
Pity they've got plastic tees now :p

Not even sure where I am in the line-up, I'll have to go and see where they've put me. (Left Back on the bus probably...)
Front rower Ross. I'm guessing your 6' 8" and weigh 120?
Well I wouldn't mind being 6' 8"! Unfortunately I'm almost a full foot shorter than that Sad

I grew up playing Wing/FB/OC in that other game that I know RL guys love so much :p
Speaking of fullbacks I was playing RLL2 this afternoon as the Raiders. I was in desperate need for a fullback and come across a 17 year old fullback playing for the Junior Melbourne Storm side. Had a decent enough rating (71) and figured I could build him up.

Anyway I start a season and the new fullback scores 3 tries on debut against his old club and tops the running metres. I question what this guy is like in real life and I find out he's either a staff member or fan of the series.

Marc Traynor whoever you are, thank you for filling my fullback position.
Haha just a bit keen there Tom

I hope the Tru Blu and Big Ant teams come with custom jerseys and sponsors... Ross, if it's not too late, get those colored pencils out and come up with a design that does the Studio justice. Smile
(06-10-2015, 06:04 PM)basrodwell Wrote: [ -> ]Haha just a bit keen there Tom


Keen about what?
Mark Traynor and Tom Rimmington were in the dev team Wink
(06-10-2015, 03:07 PM)HES_Keith Wrote: [ -> ]
(06-10-2015, 02:58 PM)SneakyMules Wrote: [ -> ]Are we going to get an origin sim score again?? Would be good for prematch banter again

I'll see what I can do Wink

Any chance at control layout screens? That would most certainly keep us occupied until releaseSmile Will there be a game manual ? or is it going digital. I still love the manuals. Try to be green in every other aspectSmile But manuals to hard to give upSmile

Cheers and Salud