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Full Version: New Teaser Screenshots Friday and Saturday!!!
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Honestly looking at the players coming off contract it looks like Manly will be in for a bad 2016 unless they have some solid U20 players.

There are a couple of good forwards that I can't see moving (Thaiday) but honestly the realistic options seem to be guys like Scott Bolton, Leeson Ah-Mau and Jacob Loko. Ah-Mau would be okay in Manly's starting line up and I could see Loko being a good impact player off the bench but honestly it's not looking good.

Maloney seems to be the best half off contract as well. Not good.
(05-18-2015, 11:04 PM)SOR Wrote: [ -> ]Manly need about 2 million dollars worth of players and are in a much worse position than the Tigers. Luckily for them they have cap room.

Seriously, from the team they put out tonight I'd only keep the following for next year:

1. Brett Stewart

2. Jorge Taufua

5. Peta Hiku

9. Matt Ballin


That's legitimately it. Lyon and Matai are both old and have a year or two in them max. The forwards have nothing with the least talented Burgess brother starting, the bench is pretty terrible as well.

Myles is a step in the right direction but honestly they could sign James Maloney and Todd Carney for next year and they'd still struggle. They need a complete overhaul to the point that 4-5 players remain and that's it. Parramatta Eels 2013 style.

*edit you are so wrong I'm saving my breath, they are far from what you're saying, not playing well, some recruitment needed, yes, but come on...I know who you really are now Phil rothfield, the roosters 'fan' disguise has failed ;-)
Manly need forwards and a decent halfback for 2016 imo

They will miss DCE and Foran but i think Littlejohn provides a decent five eight option and all they need is a decent half that can control a game. Nate Myles is a step in the right direction forwards wise and i'd be shifting Mason on end of the year.

They're getting a team together that i think will be competitive in a quicker time than people think.

Tigers imo have over rated juniors. Yes they have good juniors but they need experience to guide those kids. Moses imo is rubbish. Brooks is decent and has potential. Tedesco is the best of the crop. Farah is having a very ordinary year. I think they still have a lot of work to do.

My Eels will be better next year and i still think we have potential to improve this year. We just need to get players that obviously fit in the direction Arthur is heading with a more structured style (hence Foran and Scott coming to join Hopoate, Watmough, Wicks, Mannah, Peats) Just need a decent fullback that can ball play now and i think we will be ok. Hearing Tupou is going to be an Eel too
Parramatta could be a top 4 side next year.

Watmough, Scott, Foran, Radrara (spelling?), Hopoate, Sandow. I'd say they need a decent fullback (Who they are in the market for) but if they get one they could be top 4.
That Radradra is a HUGE talent.
[quote='SOR' pid='28485' dateline='1431979979']
Parramatta could be a top 4 side next year.

Watmough, Scott, Foran, Radrara (spelling?), Hopoate, Sandow. I'd say they need a decent fullback (Who they are in the market for) but if they get one they could be top 4.

Foran was a big loss Dodgy

Radrara is a beast

Watmough is struggling in my opinion too many errors through poor offload attempts good for a few penalties too
(05-19-2015, 12:46 AM)Natheel Wrote: [ -> ]My Eels will be better next year

How many years now have we heard that from eels supporters Tongue
To be fair it's looking to become a reality.

Say what you will about Watmough but he was apart of the NSW set up for years and was in a winning series last year. Played for Australia a lot as well. That's experience that you want in a team and I feel he's got a good year or two in him.

You've got Beau Scott who is the New South Wales enforcer and will be apart of NSW's set up this year and maybe next year as well. Runs for big gains and is a bit of a grub which Parramatta need.

Foran is the current New Zealand five eight and is still young. Probably top 5 number 6's in the league and still young at only 24.

Then you've got Hopoate who is allegedly receiving a NSW call up this afternoon. Chris Sandow who has been a stand out for the Eels the past couple of years, Radradra (Who NSW are desperately trying to poach), John Folau (Has a huge career ahead of him) and a lot of other solid players.

The problem is fullback as I said above.

Quality fullbacks coming off contract this year:

Sam Perrett

Michael Gordon (They've tried for him but Sharks blocked it)

James Roberts (Seems to have slipped into a centre role now but has played fullback in the past if I remember correctly)

Out of those three I think I'd want Perrett the most but if they could get James Roberts cheap he'd probably be a worthy addition. It does all seem to be coming together for Parramatta though which is good because I don't mind them.
Watmough is currently struggling by no means suggesting he's 'past it', he might settle into his role later in the year and will no doubt improve next year having played a season with his new team.

I have alot of family in parra who are club members I'd love to see them compete again, i wish they would have done so without buying foran though
I get the feeling he's still settling in as well. I think around August you'll start to see the Watmough of old.

Parramatta's spine for next year is very exciting thanks to Foran

1. Undetermined but even if they went with Corey Norman that would be okay

6. Kieran Foran

7. Chris Sandow

9. Nathan Peats


Probably one of the better spines in the league. Definitely better than what the Roosters will have