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Full Version: New Teaser Screenshots Friday and Saturday!!!
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I like Simona as well. I don't know what the Tigers salary cap is like but I'm surprised they didn't make a play for Nate Myles or Trent Merrin this year. Merrin would be a fantastic lock forward for them and I'm sure they have the money that Merrin wants.

Would like to see them make a play for Daniel Tupou as well. Move Kevin Naiquama into the centres.

1. James Tedesco

2. Daniel Tupou

3. Kevin Naiquama

4. Tim Simona

5. Pat Richards

Not a horrible back line.
Daniel Tupou? no way I will rather have Nofoaluma still and Pat Richards. Merrin (overated in my opinon) and Nate Myles too old and his forehead will take up all of Leichhardt Oval.
Tupou is off contract and is about to appear in his second Origin series. I guess it depends on how much he'd want in terms of money but he'd be a handy winger for most clubs including Wests.
maybe and yu never know if Laurie Daley will ever select him or not. And I think if he left Roosters that another team like Manly could use him.
Manly need halves next year, forwards last week but certainly not any backs
I guess so but also im glad to see Manly struggle. I hate them.
(05-18-2015, 10:44 PM)jacktigers Wrote: [ -> ]I guess so but also im glad to see Manly struggle. I hate them.

Whys that? Someone told you about the 70's and 80's? No its ok, envy closely follows success Tongue

Regardless you'll be pleased with tonights game no doubt, I'm pretty damn sour about it Dodgy
hahahahha yes im happy about tonight's game.
Manly need about 2 million dollars worth of players and are in a much worse position than the Tigers. Luckily for them they have cap room.

Seriously, from the team they put out tonight I'd only keep the following for next year:

1. Brett Stewart

2. Jorge Taufua

5. Peta Hiku

9. Matt Ballin


That's legitimately it. Lyon and Matai are both old and have a year or two in them max. The forwards have nothing with the least talented Burgess brother starting, the bench is pretty terrible as well.

Myles is a step in the right direction but honestly they could sign James Maloney and Todd Carney for next year and they'd still struggle. They need a complete overhaul to the point that 4-5 players remain and that's it. Parramatta Eels 2013 style.
Maybe they use Dallas Koen. Great player in u20s for them went to school with me and camdogz