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Full Version: New Teaser Screenshots Friday and Saturday!!!
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I do just wish EA could have a go at a Rugby League game. I'd like to see the difference between the two. I can't wait for Live 3 tho. Smile
EA's bread and butter are FIFA, NHL, Madden and the NBA games. You'd get a sub par Rugby League game from them at best.
Some of EAs games are rushed yet are still better than most games. EAs NBA is terrible in comparison to 2ks NBA, but they are great with Madden and FiFA.
No way EA can stay away from the NRL, it would take 3-4 iterations to get something decent but they would probably drop it after the first game because it wouldn't sell 'EA' numbers. Just look at the recent NBA attempt from them, absolutely rubbish.
EA have messed up their fair share of Rugby Union games as well right? Wasn't one of their Rugby games voted worst game of 2014?
I think 08 was the last Rugby game of theirs.
ea have only made great rugby games.
(05-17-2015, 08:26 PM)FissionMailed Wrote: [ -> ]I think 08 was the last Rugby game of theirs.

You're correct. My mistake.
Btw guys.... i think the screenies look promising Smile i really cant wait!! i also think that the graphics will look alot better on our own TV
Wasn't ARL '97 an EA game?