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Full Version: New Teaser Screenshots Friday and Saturday!!!
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How about we tip who's going to win tonight?
I'll go with Cowboys and Roosters
(05-15-2015, 07:44 PM)benz1980i Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe they meant friday or saturday not Friday and Saturday

Nah they specifically said Friday night and Saturday ?
How will Harold cope with Madge's death?
Bulldogs and Cowboys.
How did Harold Bishop come back alive. The guy fell off a cliff on a boy scout trip? Was he living on a deserted island
Roosters and Broncos. Cowboys are a one man team as are the Dogs.
Harold is like a Terminator... but on the Madge front... poorly he was tripping balls and talking to her ghost recently.

I think it's time someone messaged Tru Blu and told them how dire things are over here....
(05-15-2015, 07:49 PM)SOR Wrote: [ -> ]Roosters and Broncos. Cowboys are a one man team as are the Dogs.

Good point, that's why I've gone with Roosters. In the QLD game, I support both team's pretty much equally but I think the Cowboys will play a bit harder at home.
6:49, 6:50 come on come on 6:51 gotta be soon
I'd like Neighbours to get a little edgy. Maybe move them to 8.30 and turn Harold heel. Instead of being the jolly fat man he goes into a depression and starts threatening the local kids with beatings and flirts with barely legal girls hanging out at the coffee shop.

I'd watch. Australia and the UK would be outraged though.