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Full Version: New Teaser Screenshots Friday and Saturday!!!
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Friday is running out haha

I kinda have to realise I need to step back as its only screenshots of a game,
but on the other hand, I feel like a kid in bed at christmas eve, you remember the feeling, that time has stopped but you just can't wait
I couldn't agreee more. Every email that comes in I think it's "the one!" Im so excited
Countdown is over. Never been so happy to hear that damn Rebecca Black song. Very excited for these screenshots Big Grin
They probably will release the screenshots tonight at 11:59pm, just to be cruel
Have they announced a time yet? Wasn't the last one released late afternoon?
They will probably release them at about 4 o'clock.

That's when all the kids get home from school.
I'd put my money on somewhere between 10am - 3pm.

Disclaimer - This bet is only redeemable outside of Australia and is only worth ten cents.
OK so I just messeged Tru Blu on FB for an ETA of the screenshots and they replied "Scheduled to post 7pm tonight" So set the timer boys the countdown begins haha
Late friday release... interesting.

Thats normally when governments and businesses release bad results Smile
screenshot or it never happened