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Full Version: New Teaser Screenshots Friday and Saturday!!!
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He was looking for an NRL team and I'm all for it. Just remember if the Marwan angle strikes gold.. I want a free Red Devils jersey Smile.

Grizzly, I don't usually blindly click links.. But Fergie makes it ok.
Thought it would set a good tone.
That it did Smile.
(05-14-2015, 10:04 PM)Ruck Wrote: [ -> ]No problem Smile, nothing wrong with a bit of speculation or discussion... as long as we keep it civil. What we relatively know for sure... we should see something awesome tomorrow... or Tru Blu will be burnt to the ground.

Disclaimer.. I do not know where they are located.. if they do release nothing and subsequently have their offices burnt to the ground.. IT WASN"T ME!!!

Tru Blu are part of Home Entertainment Suppliers Pty Ltd and can be found at 115 Bonds Rd in Riverwood, NSW. The nearest petrol station for convenient access to highly flammable liquids is a Caltex approximately 1Km north where Bonds Rd ends on Canterbury Rd. They should also have matches and lighters if you lack an ignition source.

Enjoy. Big Grin
Alibi time...

It's too much effort, I've got a Bulldogs game to watch on TV and my Saturday is pretty booked. But thanks for the rather detailed directions.

My brother-in-law showed me Canterbury Road when I was in Sydney years ago... rather rough road but the lovely locals on the side of the road seemed friendly enough.

I'm expecting there to be something tomorrow... It's going to be a good day. Smile
You've got a feeling?
I'm not authorized to have a feeling.... more a case of not wanting anything to happen tomorrow where the screenshots get delayed, something gets burnt and I have Police knocking on my door during the football.

This screenshot business is some high-stakes shit. No wonder they've taken their time. Smile
Note to the NSW Police, ASIO or anybody else reading this thread on Saturday as part of an arson investigation:

Please wait until the Bulldogs game is over before raiding Ruck's residence.

Thank you.
(05-15-2015, 02:08 AM)CultofPersonality3 Wrote: [ -> ]It's been Friday for one hour and 7 minutes and we don't have anything?! ARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH

Just kidding.

Haha you exited??? I know how u feel counting down the mins!