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Full Version: New Teaser Screenshots Friday and Saturday!!!
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[/size]Hey Guys so my first post I thought I'd make it a good one, I checked the fb page this morning with someone asking about approval of content with a direct response from TRu Blu reading : "We're doing our best to get approval for ALL the content. Currently we were able to get some of it approved, and have some teaser screenshots coming Friday and Saturday" SO thats good news Big Grin
Its legit
I've seen the same post.
This has my mouth watering
Yep good find your a legend Smile
Is it friday yet?
Sweet as, can't wait.
Thank fuck for that, made my week already!
I don't normally get excited but this is good news.
^^ hahaha that made me laugh.
^^ glad I could brighten your day.
^^ Lol