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Full Version: What Be A Pro Position will you be? also what team for?
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Yeah, would be fun to go to a side like raiders who are struggling but their offering you a garanteed starting position and then you can take them to the finals.
Just talking about this makes me so inpatient, can't wait for the game... The anticipation is killing me Exclamation
Hopefully we get some news soon.
(04-29-2015, 04:10 PM)reggiewestside Wrote: [ -> ]No, what are you talking about... Wink

Although I'd love for there to be some sort of way you can use wage. Other than in FIFA where it means basically nothing.

i agree with this 110% it means nothing to be signed with other clubs other wise bored the absolute shit out of me. if even you used the money you have earned to buy celebrations and stuff like that would be exciting but the money system is a joke.
Exactly, one thing that kept me going wasn't the Pro mode itself, it was earning more football credits to unlock more balls and celebrations. They need to upgrade Be a Pro mode and Career Mode a lot on FIFA, hopefully Big Ant can outshine them Wink
What do ya reckon about pro clubs in rll3 like what they have in fifa?
Yes yes yes. That's what I think of it.

Just imagine if you had a few of your mates or some people from the forum on Skype, calling your own custom plays. It'd be absolutely crazy.
Since Tru Blu probably don't have the servers to host like EA does, it could do the whole COD thing and have one random person host.
Yeah would be a lot of fun. Don't think they will put it in as I HOPE they're near releasing the game but maybe they have an alternative somewhere. Who knows.
One can only hope haha.
Yeah, I think they're polishing up soon, and we'll hear some good ol' news in the coming 2-3 weeks Smile

I really hope that there are enough modes to keep us going a few years before the next game (if any). Although when at the studio, I noted that the 'Be a Pro' mode was quite in-depth.
Depth is what we need to keep going in be a pro and yes I was disappointed to see when I first got rll2 that the only mode was career mode. I know quick play and competition are modes but they don't feel like it. Also disappointed to see the lack of modes an DBC 14. Most of the time I'd get a bit frustrated with career mode and want to play something else but the only other options were competition and tour which were nothing special.
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