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Full Version: What Be A Pro Position will you be? also what team for?
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(03-25-2015, 06:13 AM)Dann_K Wrote: [ -> ]
(03-25-2015, 12:05 AM)benrhino Wrote: [ -> ]That would be a good trophy. You should get extra points to do it at Salford, can't remember the last promising player that decided to stay there.

What?! We've only lost Jodie Broughton, Richie Myler, Stefan Ratchford, Jordan Turner, Marc Sneyd, Matty Smith and Kallum Watkins (from our academy). Barely worth mentioning :D

Not to mention James Jiminez (homesick) and Junior Langi (retired due to the fact he was going blind!)

Ritchie Myler was ours also from widnes and in our academy

I will probably start mine as
Half back
Full Back

I will start as Widnes and England
If possible. Unlike the career from RLL2. I'd probably start off at a club like Leigh or maybe even lower like Coventry Bears. And eventually look for an NRL move later on covering every level.

Failing that Warrington.
I'd play Lock, Second row and stand off. Playing for Bradford/Sheffield in the championship and get them back into the Super League (if they bring in the relegation rule)

Hopefully they'll bring some sort of achievements like in career mode on FIFA so you can improve your player that way.
Achievements definitely need to be implemented for bonus exp points and it should be different for each position.

Back line: Centres need a number of try assists, fullbacks need to get X amount of kick return metres, wingers need to get tries

Halves: Need to get a number of try assists, kick metres, things such as 40/20's or strong kicks out of bounds should be rewarded

Forwards: Obviously the amount of tackle breaks and run metres they get. Offloads that actually work out should be rewarded and if you manage to score a try as a forward you should be rewarded since it's generally uncommon.
Just wondering last night how be a pro will exactly run in game, if it will be a free roam scenario like fifa or after each tackle there's a marker on the ground and a guide for your running line like madden? I think the madden setup will be the way it goes but with free roam also so if you're a outside back you can jump in dummy half and take a quick run.

And what about getting the ball? As a play maker you should be able to call for the ball from each play the ball but everyone else should be able to call for the pass or a kick with bomb, grubber or punt options but not always have it happen. For example you may be a left wing/centre inside the 20 and you call for a bomb to your side but the ai goes right side anyway.

And for the final touches you should get +/- xp and skill points for good calls and bad calls, call for a pass and knock on, lose points, call for a pass and make a line break and you get points. Put a kick in that goes dead in goal, lose points, put a kick in that gets a repeat set or a try and get points etcetera etcetera.

Like I said in another thread, although they worked on DBC as well, in theory this game was due last year so they've had extra developement time over RLL2 and I'm going to hold them to higher standards for this game over previous games. And this being the first current gen RL title this is a great chance to set a platform (because when RLL was announced it was said BA would make the next 5 RL games, so 2 more after this at least....hopefully) so the next games don't have to be rebuilds, only add ons and tweaks.

I've backed you all the way BA, don't let me down.............pretty please.
How this is all going to work is in interesting question. I reckon it'll be somewhere inbetween the two modes you've suggested, so you'll maybe be able to free roam inside the middle of the field say if you were a prop but would still have lines to run and be more likely to get the ball on tackle one. Two or three.

It's certainly a difficult proposition, especially when compared to other games that have done it well. NBA is the bar imo, but there are much fewer players live in play, unless prompted the movement of AI players is limited and still there were stuff that you wouldn't want to see in a RL game. For example as an NBA centre the cpu would still pass me the ball on a fast break or the edge of the D if I was a star player and called for the ball. You'd hate to see this happen as a prop on the last tackle.

Likewise madden works well for certain positions, but has the benefit of stopping and resetting every play, with an AI that works so well to the structure often you as the player are the problem. I don't want a rugby experience to be as rigid and predetermined routes and play wise for my player as madden.

The problem is rugby league is a fluid and complex game which with the exception of a few plays (in SL at least) relies on etairning off the cuff brilliance. As at times does football, especially when compared to American sports. This fluidity is gonna be hard to replicate in a be a pro mode. In real life teammates can react to what you do, I'm just left wondering if an AI will be able to.

Having said that I am really looking forward to this game mode, if nothing else it'll give me something else to do when I inevitably hit a rough patch in franchise mode.
I'd like to see it just be free roam. Lose teamwork points for each time you're out of position or call for a pass that doesn't work out.

I think the only really fun positions for be a pro will be the halves and forwards. I can't see many people wanting to play on the wing and only getting the ball once every 1-2 sets.
Hmm, you've got kick returns, settler or scoot from the 1st during a safe/red set in you half that wingers often take, then theres attacking the opposition try line, the winger see it alot plus kick chases would or rather 'could' be fun...I think there's plenty of opportunity to be involved on the wing without disrupting normal play because of impatience..

I'd expect most to understand but there is a risk free roam being difficult for casual players to know where to be throughout the game, I'd definitely rather free roam so I can position my self in favourable attacking positions as a fullback or lock floating around back of play and running in as opportunities open

As a forward the madden arrangement would be simpler just placing you in you starting position and recommending the line to run, could get boring though hopefully free roam for me
not sure if this has been mentioned but each week players should have a goal for the game, eg, need to make 15 tackles, score 1 try, break 3 tackles.
That's it, the madden way is probably the easiest way to go, but is likely to get repetitive and isn't a true reprentation of RL.

The other thing I was thinking about was the camera mode for this game. It needs to be close enough to feel like the focus is on one player but at the same time you need to be able to see all your options. I think a good idea would be when your not sprinting the camera would zoom out slightly allowing you to see more of the pitch. This represents looking for an option, but as soon as you tuck the ball and start sprinting maybe you could only see the guy immediately left and right of you. I think rugby challenge had a dynamic camera a bit like this?
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