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Full Version: The Wait Is Over!!!
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It's been a long time coming... but it's time to unleash the felt based fury!!!



Old scores will be settled!!
I knew we could rely on you Ruck Smile

Reaaalllly looking forward to this.

I see what you did there with the AFL forum too, going bad when we are pushed below Lacrosse!
Hey, I'm all for Big Ant making another AFL game... but there is no way that the AFL can compete with Lacrosse... they've got like Shotloads of College girls playing the sport.

Yeah... Lots of ball bearings have been bowled in anger in the past... Can't wait.
Can't wait to see this! Hopefully this tides me over until the big rll3 comes out, also tabletop baseball? Wut!
I'll take Tabletop Cricket for starters.. but as soon as it hits my hands I'll start the crusade for Tabletop Baseball....
Only 2 more days to go! Have we got a price yet Ross?
(02-23-2015, 10:05 AM)border Wrote: [ -> ]Only 2 more days to go! Have we got a price yet Ross?

Yes !! 9.99 pound . Smile

From Yet to be released Steam Page Descriptions.
Still not on Steam, what gives?

Just kidding, it is only 6am.

Damnit, after going through the upcoming titles I'm buying this today too lol.
Damnit man.. keep your eyes on the prize.
It will be 5pm Aus time.

Page will go live soon.
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