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Full Version: What is bigant playing?
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Hey Ross, what do you and the team play in your down time? Are there office favourites?
TTC of course lol
Cruel... Cruel Summer... wait.. this isn't time for Bananarama songs. I'm outraged... I think. I want TTC!!!
I always enjoy your random references Ruck.

So anyway, Ross, what are you and your minions enjoying at the moment? Maybe some smash bros or mario kart to divide the office and then some of the crew to rebuild shattered friendships lol
LoL - indeed some are playing TTC Smile

We're all gamers, of course... a lot of variation, a lot of Steam stuff gets played at lunch for sure - Nidhogg certainly gets a lot of playtime.
Not surprised to hear the team are all gamers, do you have any triple a favourites or do you prefer Indie/smaller titles?
I'm a bit compulsive so I choose the games I play wisely as I know I need to complete them 100%...

All SMB's, all NFS, all Resistance (only FPS I play), all MotorStorm's... how about you guys?
Haha I'd love to say I 100% my games but from the hundreds I've played Far cry 3 is my only 1 so far. If I can get motivated to get back to RLL2 I just need to finish my career to platinum it. At the moment I'm playing FC4, Tomb Raider, Sniper Elite 3 and DBC but I can only usually focus on 1 at a time. Can't seem to get into the indie games.
I never 100 percent unfortunatley, i like a good story driven game and love sport titles too, playing gta online atm and have Dragon age for over the break..

How's fc4 axe?
If you enjoyed FC3 you will like it, it's identical just with different characters. My only gripe is that I might play for 2 hours but I won't get any story missions done, I'll just be flying around clearing loot and doing little side missions, and there is so many of them lol. My only other issue is there doesn't seem to be as much interaction between you and Pagan Min as there was with Vaas and Hoyt but it's not a big thing because I'm hoping it builds up to a great ending.
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