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Full Version: Australian Interactive Games Fund.
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I understand there are bigger issues to come out of the budget but seeing as the Australian Interactive Games Fund is something which will be abolished, I wanted to get Ross' take on it and if BA had had access to any of the $10 million that this is suppose to save?
It's one of the most mean-spirited moves I have seen in a long time.

How, when you talk of 80 Billion dollars do you talk of 10M? On a graph with the last 000,000's taken off there's 80,000 and then 10.

I believe it's a payback to Simon Crean of Labour who announced it. Ridiculous.
Ok, well I'm very scared to ask of any implications, big or small, for your future plans? If you can discuss of course. Would this affect HES first and then filter to BA or directly affect BA? Thanks for answering anyway Ross.
It won't effect us, would have been nice to receive but we didn't count on it.
Thanks Ross, of course every $ helps so it is a shame our government is that petty but, it's great news it wasn't something you were anticipating to receive.
IGN Article.

This article gives a better perspective on who this funding was going to assist and how it was a loan/self sufficient fund rather than just a hand out.