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Full Version: Do you prefer Aussie Rules, Rugby League, or Rugby Union?? WHY?
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personally, i love rugby league, but watch the other codes occasionally.
I was born in Geelong Victoria so was raised on AFL and the Cats but, moved to NSW when I was 6 and didn't get into league until I was 11 or 12. League is now my preference probably more because of the easier access to games and I love the Knights through the good times and the many bad times lol....but, the Cats have had an awesome 7 years winning 3 flags. Union isn't even a consideration for me though I will watch a few games now and again.
Union - hands down.

Effectively soccer and union then NFL then league.

Aussies rules? well I'm not sure you can really compare AFL with the other more established codes. I think probably more adequate to put that in the same conversation as Gaelic football.
Jello, if you're in Victoria, SA or WA afl is miles ahead of the other 2. NSW and QLD are league and union states but I would say league over union (unofficially).
Yeah but I've been to an afl game got VIP tix through work- and never ever again will I put myself through that torture and embarrassment

Union is the most appealing and has the largest audience.

E.g rugby has an estimated 5.5 million participants world wide expected to increase to 6 million by 2016 in comparison Aussie rules had approx 700,000 worldwide including kids. Plus afl is gay.
In my opinion...

3rd - Rugby Union. I like running rugby but now-a-days it's just doesn't do it for me. It's basically soccer with who can score the most goals winning. Also the advantage rule sucks and there is UFC / MMA if you want to see people get stomped into the ground.

Add the fact that Free-to-air rarely shows more than Test Matches (if they show Super Rugby, excuse me... but you see nothing about it so it's like it doesn't exist). Their new National Rugby Championship will probably go unnoticed with last I heard, 1 game being live on Pay TV.

2nd - VFL... opps AFL Tongue. It's an ok sport but I think Victoria oversell it. It's basically a glorified game of Force'ems (or whatever you called the game at school where you tried to boot the ball up the other end of the field). Not that that is a bad thing. Downside is that they need to learn to tackle better and this whole bouncing the ball when running seems silly. Will have to watch it Live some time... would prefer if Big Ant got another shot at it though, as it can be quite fun to play on the console.

1st - Rugby "The Greatest Game of All" League. The game so good the USA has two domestic leagues... League has it all. It's entertaining, fast and just totally more awesome than the other two options. Unlike our poor cousins... we can afford sleeves and shorts that fit... TV loves us and well... Everything is awesome!!!. Even our female team are World Champions... I would say that we have our downside... like Phil Gould and Mal Meninga... but... AFL has Eddie so it's not like we're alone on that one. AFL try ever so hard to get teams in NSW, while the NRL just slaps the Storm in Melbourne... no problems. And no.. I'm not picking on AFL... Rugby Union just doesn't have that much to talk about really. Smile
Rugby league is just such an entertaining sport, I mean I honestly don't think many sports come close to how well the nrl translates to TV. Admittedly there are issues, negative media/journalisimn coverage...

Speaking of only league and union, given I've only played these two, I find rugby is fun to play but to watch can be a bore, especially given I find only every now and then do we get exciting games, play breakdown and kicking really kills it..

League just seems to be able to put on entertainment at all levels, park footy right through to nrl/SOO!

Translates to a pretty darn good videogames too! am I right?
I loved union as much as NRL / AFL, and as said it was the game I played growing up, but they've totally stuffed the game. I guess I sound like a grumpy old man but why screw so much with something that was so awesome.
I think you blokes only look at union through Australian eyes. aFL and league don't really register anywhere else other than Australia.

NRL being a dumbed down version of rugby by default cannot be a better game it makes no sense. What does make sense is that it can be enjoyed for what it is. I like league but it is not rugby.

USA rugby league? Ha yeah. To put it into comparison I believe there are more registered rugby players in the USA than there is rugby league players in Australia.

The All Blacks global brand would be bigger than any league or afl team. Rugby globally is increasing at a much faster rate than any other sport aforementioned. Wonder how many English people watch live super rugby compared to afl? The all blacks are playing a test match in Boston soon against Ireland. Super rugby is expanding to japan and Argentina with USA markets interested.
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