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Full Version: GRID Autosport
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Introducing GRID Autosport

This looks very promising after my personal disappointment with GRID 2. It does look like a return to what made me love the original TOCAs and Racedriver games but, sadly it looks like no V8s again Sad
Looks very interesting. I almost bought Grid 2 but as it's handling wasn't very real I went with Gran Turismo at the expense of damage. This looks interesting though but it better have Bathurst for free. Grid 2 had it as a DLC and that it put me off it. The touring cars is also a good thing, I've had a soft sport for the Touring Cars. Seeing a large amount of cars you see on the road racing has somehow appealed to me. As the V8s let in more brands I've got more interested.
I was the same with Grid 2, I was always getting GT6 though. I got Grid 2 later on for free off PS+ but didn't get past the 2nd race lol.
It's funny you say you got it free from PS+. I was thinking about signing up to PS+ for a month to get it for free but now you say it was crap I'm glad I didn't waste the $9.95 or whatever it is to get it for a month LOL. GT6 is great though, I did (it's now past tense due to DBC14) find the career very addicting. I've got a big backlog of games needing to get finished but now due to HSC's coming up time is now at a premium Sad
Yeah I just finished South Park, and realised I missed so kany things I'm contimplating doing it again. But I have a few games half finished as well.
IF they put V8's in there...
We can only hope Ruck but, it aint looking good and I think Codies are our best chance too.
So after Bathurst was confirmed here - tracks list and now "super utes", "super tourers" and "classic tourers" here - cars list today I am certain I will buy this game.