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Full Version: Cricket Academy Update This Friday
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I have a request: A friend of mine tried to practice today and was annoyed by the chair present by the bowler which prevented him from hitting the dummy. He was really pissed off and kept on saying, what's the purpose of this chair.

Have it removed please Smile
How about some sort of points system that is determined by how well you strike/time the ball.
So a stroke could be given a 1, 2, 3, 4 or a 6.
Just went through the announcement on FB, so much crap in such a small space lol.
FB desperately needs a Dislike Button.

It's funny how they make it so people have to write out objections to someone's stupidity, but you can like something with a click of a button. They could make their product less about negativity if you could just dislike the idiotic posts.

Good thing I quit Facebook.... Big Grin
It's nice to have a place for them all to meet and have it contained...
LOL true... hopefully our little sparkling oasis here can remain clean. Smile

Hey, anyone interested in a Tipping / SuperCoach competition?
I wasn't but, if there's a few peoples on here keen I will be.
Haha. Yes, this is our sacred house. For the most part.

There was an amusing thread on PC yesterday, some guy called thefonz arguing with everyone about BA being rubbish.

At least the worst on these forums is stupid questions.
Is there any chance we could get a texture change from a bowling machine to a bowler bowling to us? Doesn't have to run in or anything, it could just be the guy, and four animations, one for spin, one for pace and each arm, slowing it down for the different paces.
Unfortunately it just wouldn't look very good, the bowling machine is it for now.
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