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Full Version: Just a Suggestion
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Hey Guys, I Played this game religiously for over a year and was number 1 on the leaderboard for about a year, and i have few suggestions.

1. Manager Mode/Career Mode - That includes continuous seasons, trade week, free agency period and draft week.
2. Be A Pro Mode/Pro Clubs - This would be amazing if it could be done right and would provide a different mode that would keep the user enticed with the game for longer.
3. Search Preference - I don't mean which nationality, i think you should be able to select whether you find multiple people playing the 1 team or if its a custom team because it can ruin a game. For example I went geelong the other day with the new recruits and found someone who just made a ruckman with max everything and just kept hitting it down to overpowered midfielders who kicked it into a FF by the name of Jesus Christ. Fair to say he won.
4. Custom Teams Being Custom - I think it would be great adding a few more customisations like being able to choose specific colours instead of preset combinations, and also maybe adding new haircuts like a Mohawk, Dreads, Afro, and such to make it a little different.
5. More Soundtrack - I'm not sure how hard it is to get rights and such to songs on a video game or anything but could the new game have more then 2 songs, like maybe a bit of ACDC, Jet and other great australian music.
Fix The Pace - I think Cyril Rioli was useless in the other game, a few times i was running the wing and he got caught by medium paced players when in real life Cyril would've been away whether he had to bounce the ball or not. This pace and the inability to move the ball a bit more freely makes certain players like Cyril, Lewis Jetta, Motlop and others useless.

Well at the moment thats all I've got but this does not mean I did not like the first game. AFL Live was the BEST AFL game i have ever played. 9/10
Be A Pro mode was announced for Rugby League Live 3, so it's definitely very feasible for the next AFL Live game Smile